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Handy Household Sex Toy Tips. Sex toys aren’t just for fun in the bedroom – they have many practical uses in your home and office. Here are a few suggestions for

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10 Hazardous Homemade Sex Toys. New! 4/6/09. You’d think certain items wouldn’t need a warning label that says “Not for rectal insertion”.

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Welcome to the #1 USA Gay Toy Store. We at Fort Troff are STOKED that you are visiting our store. Our rapid growth is due to our intense focus on YOU, the customer.

Take foreplay to the next level! Whether you’re a sex toy virgin or you make Fifty Shades of Grey seem like a beginners’ guide, discover frisky couples’ best-kept

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Not only do women who use toys report a host of pleasure perks, but guys say vibes increase sexual desire, erectile and orgasmic function, and intercourse

Sex Wooden Toys. Sex Wooden Toys designs and realizes wooden vibrators, dildos and anal plug, completely hypoallergenic and safe to use

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At age 19, I was still unfamiliar with the wide world of sex toys. I had a vibrator, a dildo, and a pair of handcuffs, but I wasn’t particularly crazy about using

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Can Christians use sex toys? A real look at intimacy, sex in marriage, and the dangers of pornographic culture

Buy sex toys as well as learn about them, find out what the best sex toys are for you and read what others think about them through our sex toy reviews. Explore and

A nifty little how-to for making and safely using sex toys for masturbation. Also starring: possibly the cutest little sex toy illustrations of ever.

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