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Feeling faint at times and afraid you may even pass out? Fainting spells or feeling faint is caused by not enough oxygen getting to your brain.

If you see a faint line on a home pregnancy test, you might be confused if you’re pregnant or not. Here’s what a faint line could mean.

A faint line on pregnancy tests can be frustrating! Find out what causes these faint lines & find out how to eliminate them from our medical experts.

How to Faint Safely. Fainting, or syncope, is a scary experience. It is often the result of poor circulation to the brain which then causes you to lose consciousness

The at-home pregnancy test you took seems neither positive nor negative. Find out what that faint line might mean.

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Have a faint positive pregnancy test? As long as it’s within the suggested time frame, even a faint line is a positive line. Several reasons are possible.

Dec 26, 2016 · How to Pretend to Faint. Did you forget to study for a test? Are you scheduled to participate in an event, but wish you could back out? Maybe you’re acting

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Am I pregnant or not? Here is a list of the most common cases of when a faint line on your home pregnancy test is actually not a positive result.

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Taking a home pregnancy test is easy, right? Two pink lines, pregnant; one pink line, not pregnant. How much easier could it get? But here you are at the end of your

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Based on these statistics, if you are pregnant and take a pregnancy test on 12 days past ovulation you are most likely to get a Positive test result, with the most

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