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alt.sex is a Usenet newsgroup – a discussion group within the Usenet network – relating to human sexual activity. It was popular in the 1990s.

Hamsters are rodents belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. The subfamily contains about 18 species, classified in six or seven genus|genera. The name hamster is

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History. Although the Syrian hamster or golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) was first described scientifically by George Robert Waterhouse in 1839, researchers were

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ABOUT THA. The Hamster Alliance is the one man music project I started in 1997, which has since expanded into the realms of video, graphic design, video games, voice

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Dec 25, 2008 · Santa Claus is a human too. He also feels stress at some time. Who among us doesn’t like to drink a couple of beer after the hard working day?

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